Release Notes 7/20/2020

The latest release of the UCPath All Employees-Unit Roster & UCPath - Dope reports as well as the related UCPath - Employment Daily and FINITE universe versions incorporate a number of formatting and calculation changes to the reports based on direct feedback from a team of key end-users who committed the time to review the latest changes and comment on the presentation. With several rounds of feedback-and-fix we were able to bring the latest changes to the user community with much more certainty and utility. Many thanks to the reviewers for their time and feedback!

Highlights of what’s new

  1. Unit Roster not showing employees day of job end date. This problem was the result of comparing different date/time formats. It has been resolved via placing a truncate function around sysdate in the “JDT Todays Date” dimension to eliminate the trailing HH:MM:SS in sysdate. This dimension is used to check against the job end date.
  2. DOPE’s “Base Comp Annual or Hourly” & “Base Comp Monthly or Hourly” columns showing current record only for past pay periods. This problem is resolved. The BASE COMP ANNUAL & BASE COMP MONTHLY are presented for the rate current at the time of the transaction.
  3. DOPE doubling “Base Comp Annual or Hourly” & “Base Comp Monthly or Hourly” columns. This problem is resolved. The doubling has been eliminated.

  4. Divide by Zero error on object SBE Pct of PayAdded a test for zero before dividing, in some situations the employee has no value in any R_COMPENSATION table entries for a job which results in the zero divisor. This problem is resolved.  Note: This change has been applied to both UCPath Employment Daily and FINITE universes.

  5. Missing JOBCODE and related JOB data - The Salary and Benefits merge script has been updated in both universes to correct a problem when looking up data for an employee with subsequent rate changes since the original change date.

    NOTE: If a correction transaction is recorded at a time when the corresponding position/job was not in the effective date range the report will show a blank. (As the display example is showing above).

  6. Added filter to exclude “Inactive” FUTURE funding The table R_UC_DEPT_BUDGET was added to the Funding data model inorder to pick up budget entry status and related objects.  The PE UC Eff Status contains “A” for Active entries and “I” for Inactive Entries. A filter on this object has been added to the Unit Roster to exclude INACTIVE entries from the results set.

  7.  Added objects for Cruz Id in “Reports To” data - The Job and Position “Reports To” data now includes the Cruz Id of the reports to employee.
  8. Unit Roster Report Changes

    Added the “Job Comp Hourly’ column, and adjusted the other three below as follows;

    • "Base Comp Annual" & "Base Comp Monthly" will remain the same (pull base comp annual from r_compensation and adjusted appropriately based on Comp Frequency for monthly) unless the Comp Frequency is hourly, then it will pull the annual or monthly rate from the job record (r_job).
    • "FTE Adjusted Comp Rate" will only populate for monthly.
    • "Job Comp Hourly" is new & will only populate for hourly.

    • Added the “PS Work Study Pool Id” column. Values of “F” (Federal), “P” (Presidential) & “ ” (no Work Study)

    • Fixed issue w/ Unfunded employees not showing in non-prod

  9. UCPath DOPE Report Changes

    • Added “At-A-Glance” tab which is the one line format as well as

    • Added “Salary and benefit Expenses by Employee only” tab which is sorted by Employee only. It shows all of an employees Salary and benefits together and not sectioned out by FOAPAL as in the other tabs. Added FOAPAL column to this report tab as well since sectioning by FOAPAL was removed.


The changes made to the universes identified in these updates should have no effect on any existing reports or queries. New objects only in the release and no JOIN changes to impact user reports. JOB Data will appear correctly for historical SBE data which will not impact the number of rows returned just whether it has the correct JOB data for the employee at the time of the transaction.