Release Notes 3/23/2021

UCPath Employment - Daily & FINITE

The work for this release was widespread. We are releasing three new reports; an unfilled positions report, a leave of absence report, and a parking payroll deductions report. Also, thanks to our report writer partners, there is a new report tab in the UCPath Unit Roster that shows all funding records that are going to expire in 30 days or less, including those that have already expired. The UCPath Headcount reports have been updated to reflect a more accurate headcount at points in the past. Also, an issue was fixed in the UCPath My Grant Activity - FY report. Lastly, updates were applied to the UCPath Employment - Daily and FINITE universes behind the scenes.  

Highlights of what’s new

UCPath - Unfilled Positions report

  • This is a new report that returns all active current or future unfilled positions whether they are funded or not. It displays the associated funding if available, and if not, marks the record(s) as unfunded. It excludes filled positions, as well as inactive positions.

UCPath - All Employees - Leave of Absence (LOA) report

  • This is a new report that lists employees that are currently on Leave of Absence (LOA) or have future planned absences dependent upon the parameters entered. This report is designed to assist with leave tracking, account administration, as well as any other administrative oversight related to leave.

UCPath - Parking Payroll Deductions report

  • This is a new report that was designed for TAPS to reconcile parking deductions.


UCPath - All Employees Headcount reports

  • Updates were done to both UCPath Headcount reports (“UCPath - All Employees Headcount - Monthly” & “UCPath - All Employees Headcount - Includes Empl Addr Excludes States”). The changes include removing selection criteria that involved funding since it precluded individuals from being returned that didn’t have information in the funding tables. Also, a benefits eligibility selection criteria was removed so that all benefits eligibility types are now being returned. Benefits eligibility can now be filtered down to any combination of benefits eligibility codes based upon the Document Input Controls provided in the Input Controls section. Lastly, a new derived table was created in the universe that allowed us to traverse time and pull the proper effective sequence record for the appropriate effective date record from the past.


UCPath - My Grant Activity - FY report

  • The [TD Actv Code] filter on the UCPath My Grant Activity - FY report was not working entirely as expected when filtered for null values. This was resolved by creating a new variable to apply a null value to records that only had a space instead of a null. The new filter that should now be used instead of the [TD Actv Code] filter is shown below. It is called [TD_ACTV_CODE_INLUDES_NULLS].

UCPath All Employees-Unit Roster report changes

  • As mentioned above, we added a new “Funding Filterable” report tab to the Unit Roster. This tab has report input controls that are specific to this report tab. One of these input controls is named "DAYS B4 FUND END DATE" which allows for entry of a number which reflects the days before the particular funding record is about to expire. It is hardcoded to 30 days, but can be adjusted in the input control. The input controls allow one to filter the data returned by the initial prompts entered so you can continue to run the report in your usual manner and then refer to this tab’s input controls to subsequently filter the data. Here is some brief documentation on how to use this particular input control.

    • Run the Unit Roster as you normally would. Navigate to the “Filterable Funding” report tab.

    • Click the Input Control icon to the left.

    • Use the scroll bar to scroll down to the “Report Input Controls” section. Enter in the number of days that you would like to see records for which they have a funding expiration less than or equal to.

    • View the “Funding End (Days Before)” & PE Funding End Dt” column headers for the relevant information. You’ll see below that one record has a value of -82 days before the funding end date. This is because as of today - 3/23/21, we are 82 days past this record’s funding end date. The others will expire in 8 days.

UCPath Employment Daily universe changes

  • We added the new parking objects to the universe and the relevant business security profile
  • We added a new JOB_MAXEFF_PIT derived table to the universe for proper point in time selection of related job records. This was used in the Headcount reports to select the appropriate Job records in the past.
  • We modified the LL_SAL_BENE_MERGED derived table to join to R_EMPL_CLASS_TBL. This allowed us to add R_EMPL_CLASS_TBL.DESCR so that a description could be used with the new EMPL_CLASS code. The new objects ("SBE Empl Class" & "SBE Empl Class Descr") are shown below.

FINITE universe changes

  • We modified the LL_SAL_BENE_MERGED derived table to join to R_EMPL_CLASS_TBL. This allowed us to add R_EMPL_CLASS_TBL.DESCR so that a description could be used with the new EMPL_CLASS code. New objects ("SBE Empl Class" & "SBE Empl Class Descr") were added as well.