Release Notes 2/05/2021

Highlights of what’s new

UCPath All Employees-Unit Roster Report Changes

This release focused on the UCPath All Employees-Unit Roster report and related universe changes.

Added a "Funding Status" column. This data comes from the R_DEPT_BUDGET table EFF_STATUS column.


Renamed the “Division” column to “Funding Division” as this data comes from the funding area.


A modification was made to the report query so that only current job records are returned. Having future jobs as an option over complicated the original design of this report and created issues when it came to funding and its effective dating. Related to this the “Current or Future Jobs” prompt was removed. 


UCPath Employment Daily - Universe changes

  • Eliminated confusion about various JOBCODE objects from multiple tables
    • Changed object JC Jobcode sql from R_POSITION_DATA.JOBCODE to R_JOBCODE_TBL.JOBCODE to avoid confusion.
  • Unfunded Employees not Showing on Unit Roster
    • This required a change to a join which was an inner join to an outer join to restore those Employees in the Unit Roster who have NO funding entry in the R_DEPT_BUDGET_ERN table. The report definition of UNFUNDED has also been amended to include funding strings which are in an “Inactive” status.



 Inactive Funding


  • Max Effective Date and Max Effective Seq mods
    • The routine to determine the “Max Effective Date” and “Max Effective Seq” changed the domain that MAX() is derived from. This result identifies the “Current Record” via effectivite dates. Ultimately, this effort distilled results that MAX is computed from a domain of Emplid, Empl_Rcd active on the query date.
  • Reports_To script updated to include “Reports_To” with other than “A” active status
    • Reports To was being dropped when the “Reports_To” had a Empl Status other than “A”. The filter was changed to include “L”, “P”, & “W” Empl Statuses.


  • Exposed Job Earnings Distributions objects that had been hidden.
    • Requested by SHR, these objects have been removed from “Hidden” status and included in the JOB folder.