Release Notes 6/03/2021

This release includes a variety of changes. One of which is new conditional formatting on the UCPath All Employees - Unit Roster report. The Unit Roster now calls out funding records tied to the suspense FOAPAL 899971-89991-02 as well as “Unfunded” records. This change is the last for the Unit Roster before we submit the report for certification. Another significant update involves the UCPath - Additional Pay report. Individuals who have additional pay should now appear in the report as long as they have records in the underlying additional pay table. Please see below for further details on these updates and others included in this release. 

Highlights of what’s new

UCPath All Employees - Unit Roster

  • As noted above, conditional formatting was added to the Unit Roster report so funding records tied to the suspense FOAPAL (899971-89991-02) could be identified clearly. The color for these records is Magenta.

UCPath - Additional Pay Salary Expenses

  • The new "J Empl Class and Desc" object was added to the report.

  • “Empl Status” was added to the report. An Input Control filter for Empl Status was added as well. This new Input Control filter defaults to EMPL_STATUS = A,L,P & W. Reminder, all Input Controls (document & report level) provide the ability to filter the data after the report is run based on the prompts initially entered. To view the available Input Controls, you must select the Input Controls icon to the far left. It is directly above the "(?)" icon. In this case, active additional pay records that are tied to job records that have an EMPL_STATUS = D, R, or T can be selected manually after the report is run.

UCPath - Parking Payroll Deductions report

  • A Deduction Code prompt and column were added to the report

  • A Totals by Emplid report tab was added to the report. This new report tab provides deduction totals by emplid and subloc generic.

My Grant Activity reports

  • The older My Grant Activity - ITD/FY reports were updated to point to the new UCPath versions (“UCPath My Grant Activity - ITD” & “UCPath My Grant Activity - FY”). This was done by updating the purpose pages for the “My Grant Activity - ITD” & “My Grant Activity - FY” reports to direct users to the location of the new UCPath versions while also removing the report tabs so they cannot be run. This was done to avoid any possible confusion on which reports to use. The UCPath versions will return the same data as the older version plus any Path data if they are run for a time frame that warrants it.

UCPath Employment Daily universe changes

  • Created "J Empl Class and Desc" to concatenate “J Empl Class” & “J Empl Desc” for the UCPath - Additional Pay report.

  • A join was changed between R_JOB and R_ADDL_PAY_DATA to include those whose R_JOB.EFFDT didn’t fall within R_ADDL_PAY_DATA.EFFECTIVE_FROM and TO.

  • The R_UC_POS_SEC_CLR table and related SEC_CLEARANCE_TYPE objects were added to the universe.

  • The "J Max Effseq_PIT" object was exposed in the “Job Most Frequent” folder as shown below. This object provides the maximum effseq'd record for a set of job records with the same effdt. This should be used when the related report query is able to look at job records based upon an effdt at any point in time (PIT). This is similar to the “J Max Effseq” object, however the  “J Max Effseq” object is the maximum effseq'd record for the set of job records with the maximum effdt <= sysdate. “J Max Effseq” should be used when looking at the current job record (J Current Record = Y).

FINITE universe changes

  • This update has already been promoted to production, however it is included in this release’s documentation for posterity’s sake. A self join from FISCAL_PD to ACCOUNTING_DT_DER on the LL_SAL_BEN_MERGED derived table was removed.