The latest release of the document UCPath All Employees-Unit Roster incorporates several formatting changes to the reports based on direct feedback from a team of key end-users who committed the time to review the latest changes and comment on the presentation. With a few rounds of feedback-and-fix, we were able to bring the latest changes to the user community with much more certainty and utility. Many thanks to the reviewers for their time and feedback! 

Highlights of what’s new

Heard but NOT Seen

We do have some quality changes included in this release, which you may not see directly, but we have it covered on the universe side.

  • One of these changes has to do with the Future funding entries, which now will only reflect the Max(EFFSEQ) value for a future funding entry. 

  • Speaking of not seen, you won’t see column totals for the compensation amounts in the latest release as the sums were deemed confusing when the report is showing more than one earnings code. In many cases, the earnings codes may not be additive, and for that reason, the totals were removed.

  • This fix backs into this category for entirely different reasons. For users who may have added “E Empl AIS Id” to a query and suddenly noticed that only people with AIS Id’s showed up in the results set. This problem has been fixed so that now using the E EMpl AIS Id object will not be “filtering” your results improperly. When there is an AIS Id, it will be displayed and “n/a” when none is available.

They finally got it right

Feedback identified a problem with the Job FTE column, including invalid amounts and too many decimal places. Well, we finally got this right, and the metric “Job FTE” is now displaying the correct value from the Job information record.

The previous version had certain data conditions that would cause this value to be misrepresented, and that problem is now corrected in this release. Similarly, the “DIST Pct” column is now accurate as well. The “Job FTE” column formatting was also updated to reflect a consistent view with two decimal places, as shown in this clip from the new version. 


 Also in the finally got it right category is the Job Compensation Amounts, which were too inconsistent and misstated in certain conditions. Those problems have been resolved, and those amounts are correct in each case bringing much more reliable results to everyone. 

 FOAPAL consolidated

The feedback was consistent from everyone reviewing the Unit Roster that the columns needed to be rearranged to make it easier to see the FOAPAL and the Funding dates. The clip you see here shows the new sequence of columns, which is also useful when viewing Current and Future funding at the same time. 


Data sequence changed for better usability

Also, based directly on suggestions from the review team, the data sequence was updated to improve the utility of the report. The data is now sorted by Employee, RCD, Funding Effective date, and Earnings Code sequence. This is extremely useful when viewing Current and Future funding for an employee. Thanks for that helpful suggestion!