Release Notes 3/03/2021

UCPath Employment - Daily & FINITE release updates 3/3/2021

This release was focused on the UCPath All Employees-Unit Roster again. There were a couple changes in the universe to provide the ability to properly look at future dated funding records. We also removed a condition that had excluded expired funding records. Expired funding is now part of the unfunded definition. Also, the UCPath - Dope report was modified to remove balance sheet account codes.

We feel we are very close to submitting these reports for certification analysis by our partners. However, we have been experiencing performance issues, specifically for the Unit Roster report at the time of the last testing, although the same has been reported for the UCPath - DOPE report. We are in the process of seeing what we can do to tackle this performance bear AND what this means for the report design. In the meantime, we recommend against running the Unit Roster report without any parameters besides the defaults. If you need to, please expect at least thirty minutes for it to complete. Otherwise, entering value(s) for the “Enter Dept Id” prompt works best.

Highlights of what’s new

UCPath - DOPE report changes

We added an Acct. Code filter to the universe and report to exclude Balance Sheet Acct. Codes. This filter excludes all account codes not equal to “1”.

UCPath All Employees-Unit Roster report changes

  • We removed a condition that excluded expired funding records. Now that the Unit Roster is showing expired funding records, it shows them as Unfunded. This is in addition to inactive funding records and individuals without any funding showing as Unfunded.

UCPath Employment Daily universe changes

  • As stated above, an Acct. Code filter/flag was created to allow balance sheet account codes to be filtered out in the DOPE. This was done at the universe level with a modification to a derived table that brings together Salary and Benefits information. The mod was needed to return the full account number string so that the flag could then be created.

  • A new derived table was added to create MAX(EFFDT) & MAX(EFFSEQ) objects for future funding so that we could properly return future dated funding records.

  • A new date offset derived table was added to allow the tracking of job events over time.

  • The data type for most of the “DateTime” objects was changed to “Date” to align object data types and allow for the same prompt name to be used for similar objects on the report side. 

FINITE universe changes


  • Re-application of “SBE FISAP Code” object as a previous rebuild left it out.

  • The same account code flag that was added to the UCPath Employment-Daily universe was added to FINITE.