Release Notes 04/27/2021

UCPath Employment - Daily & FINITE release updates 4/27/2021

The work for this release focused on the big three (UCPath versions of the Unit Roster, DOPE, and My Grant Activity reports). There were also minor updates to the Headcount and Payroll parking Deductions reports. Supporting updates were applied to the UCPath Employment - Daily and FINITE universes as well as to the Data Warehouse databases behind the scenes. Notable fixes include a much faster Unit Roster report, and a resolution (with timing caveat) to the long-standing accounting date, period, and sometimes fiscal year data discrepancies that occasionally occur between Path and FIS. This issue was mostly encountered on the My Grant Activity reports since data is pulled from both places, but one could have also run into this issue when trying to reconcile DOPE data, which pulls from Path’s Labor Ledger, with data from FIS. 

Highlights of what’s new

UCPath My Grant Activity reports

  • The long-standing accounting date, accounting period, and occasional fiscal year data discrepancies seen on these reports has been resolved with the following timing caveat. On rare occasions, UCPath sends salary/benefit data with transaction dates that occurred in periods that are currently closed in FIS. When this data posts to FIS, the transaction date is updated to the 1st day of the current open period, and a file is written back to UCPath with the new date/period. Once UCPath consumes the file, usually no more than one week from the date the data was initially received, Path is updated with a new transaction date/period. However, if the report is run prior to Path's consumption of the write-back file, the related transactions will not be retrieved by the report due to the dates still being different in Path than FIS for this short time frame. This is reconciled once the write-back file is consumed and Path has a transaction date that matches the FIS transaction date. The new object that now pulls the FIS accounting date from both systems is “SBE Accounting Dt Der” (below). It is the same as the “SBE Accounting Dt” object except for these rare occurrences, which include some Direct Retro transactions.

  • A resolution was found for occasional missing data in the "Transaction Description or Employee Name" column. The formatting for this column was changed from Hyperlink to Text so that data that begins with the  "<" special character would display.

UCPath All Employees - Unit Roster

  • The Unit Roster performance issue has been resolved. Our DBA colleagues assisted with their analysis of the underlying SQL, and recommended certain indexes be created at the database level. This was done prior to this release, but we wanted to include it in this communication.

UCPath - DOPE 

  • Payroll and benefits transactions related to funds 23496 & 20096 are now available in the DOPE. However, to include them one has to utilize the new input control called “Work-Study Flag”. It defaults to NO which means that Work-Study funds (23496 & 20096) are NOT displayed. This mimics the behavior before this mod. If you have entered the appropriate prompts at run time and would like to view Work Study Fund information, please select either "Yes" to view only Work-Study funds or "All values" to include Work-Study funds with all other funds returned. Reminder, all Input Controls (document & report level) provide the ability to filter the data after the report is run based on the prompts initially entered. To view the available Input Controls, you must select the Input Controls icon to the far left. It is directly above the "(?)" icon.

  • The same issue related to the data discrepancy described above for the UCPath My Grant Activity reports occasionally presented itself in the DOPE if one ran the report using the “Dist Months” prompt. This has been resolved with a new object (“SBE Fiscal Pd Der”) that combines the fiscal year and fiscal period from FIS for these rare one-off scenarios. Again though, if one runs the DOPE before Path consumes the write-back file, usually no more than one week after the data was initially received, the Dist Months data returned won’t match what is in FIS. This is quickly reconciled once the two systems are in sync after the write back file is consumed by Path.


UCPath - Headcount reports

  • The “Empl Status” Input Control on both Headcount reports has been modified to exclude “W” by default. If one wants to include “W” with the other employee statuses included by default (A,L,P) they have to select the “W” status..


UCPath - Payroll Parking Deductions report

  • A "Deduction Type" optional prompt has been added to the report. Also, the sort has been modified to sort by “PRK File ID”, then by “PRK Frequency Tag” and then by “PRK Name”.

UCPath Employment Daily universe changes

  • As noted above, to handle the infrequent data discrepancy between Path and FIS, two new objects were created "SBE Accounting Dt Der" & "SBE FIscal PD Der". This was done in the derived table in the universe that combines Salary and Benefits data.

  • To support current development work for the “UCPath - Earnings” report (yet to be released), R_PAY_OTH_EARNS was joined to R_PAY_EARNINGS instead of R_PAY_CHECK.

FINITE universe changes

  • Two new objects were created "SBE Accounting Dt Der" & "SBE FIscal PD Der".

  • The “SBE Work-Study Flag” object was added. This already existed in the UCPath Employment Daily universe.