Financial Managers Workbench


Financial Manager’s Workbench (FMW Web – UCSC Budget System) is the system of record for tracking the Campus’ permanent budget and staffing commitments.

Permanent Budget

  • Users have the ability to post permanent budget transactions on-line and see real-time updates to their permanent budgets.
  • Users have access to multi-year permanent budget information at both the transaction level and summary/roll-up level aiding both analysis and research.

Staffing List

  • Users have the ability to add, modify and delete their open provisions.
  • Users can monitor their Staffing List on demand.  Current payroll, provision and permanent budget information provides for easier monitoring and reconciliation.

Operating Budget

  • While not the system of record for the operating budget, FMW Web integrates detailed monthly distribution of payroll expense (DOPE) data with summary FOAPAL FIS Banner operating ledger data to facilitate monitoring and forecasting of the current year operating budget.
  • Monitoring of extramural Contract and Grant funds is beyond the scope of FMW Web.  The following funds are not included in FMW Web:
Fund Level 4
State Agencies
Local Government
Federal Grants
Federal Contracts
Federal Appropriations
Private Grants
Private Contracts