UCPath / Data Management: 

The implementation of UCPath has been and will continue to be a significant event for the campus Data Warehouse system. The Data Management Team is working hard to minimize the impacts of UCPath as it relates to enterprise reporting and data integrations, but challenges remain. We appreciate you taking the time to read this update, and we ask for your assistance, patience, and commitment as the campus transitions to UCPath.  

Enterprise Reporting:

The InfoView UCPath Employment - Daily universe has under construction for more than ten months and is the foundation for UCPath self-service reporting. The Data Management team provided the following corporate reports at the time of the launch.

  • UCPath - Distribution of Payroll Expense (DOPE)
  • UCPath - All Employees - Unit Roster
  • UCPath - My Grant Activity - ITD 

While efforts were made to make these reports similar to their PPS counterparts, this was not always possible as PPS and UCPath are two significantly different systems.   

Downstream data integrations:

The Data Warehouse provides downstream data feeds to many campus systems that have all be impacted by the implementation of UCPath. The Data Management team continues to work collaboratively with system owners to ensure that impacts to systems are minimized.

Challenges and Risks:

Two outstanding critical areas of development are ongoing that are worth mentioning in this section. The data integrations to the Financial Managers Workbench (FMW) is a significant undertaking and is a high priority for the team. The second area that is challenging is for the Third Week (3wk) and End of Term (EOT) data. These files are loaded into the Warehouse and provide supporting data for the Student, Instruction, and Cohort universes. These are legacy models and have deep integrations with PPS data. This development work is also a high priority for the Data Management team and is expected to take some time to resolve.