Student Census & Cohort Universes

Universe Description

Access to the Student Universe consists of two separate data sets: Student Census and Cohort. The Student Census universe contains student demographic, enrollment and degree information at both third week (3WK) and end of term (EOT). This information is captured from the Academic Information System (AIS) the Campus' student registration and enrollment tracking system. Further, the universe includes organizational groupings from SCiiPI the Campus' former course audit system.

Cohort uses the same information, but pre-groups the students into cohorts based primarily on when they entered the university for tracking purposes.

Data Loads

Data is loaded twice quarterly, one snapshot is taken after the third week (3WK) of the quarter, and one at the end of the term (EOT).

  • Data is loaded from the Academic Information System (AIS)

Last data loads from AIS:
  Third Week: Spring 2020
  End of Term: Spring 2020
  Degrees: Winter 2019

Access Levels

Access to Student Census and Cohort are given together. 

  • General Access - Read-only
  • General Access - Report-writer
  • Unit-Specific Access

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