Graduate Student Support Universe

Universe Description

The Graduate Student (financial) Support universe (a.k.a. GSS) contains information about payments made to graduate students on a quarterly or term basis back to July 1, 1996. It is intended to be used by the Graduate Division and academic divisions and departments in analyzing trends in the level of financial support to graduate students.

The Academic Information System (AIS) gives the GSS Universe financial aid payments to graduate students, including the payment of tuition and fees while employed, and limited information about students who received payments as of the third week of the term. Information about payroll payments to graduate students come from the Payroll Personnel System (PPS).

Features and Limitations

Only certain demographic, enrollment, and major information is included in the GSS universe. The following types of data are not available:

  • Payments made through FIS Banner, unless also recorded in AIS

  • Payments made directly by an external funding agency, unless also recorded in AIS

Student identity is protected for loan payments. You can only see total dollars for loan payments in a term. If you have a legitimate need to see the specific student ID, student name, etc. for loans, then a greater access level is required. The only person who can authorize such access is the Director of Financial Aid.

Year is recorded in two ways:

  • Academic Year is Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Aid Year is Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Fund Type Derived is a custom object that re-defines the type of funds that pay Tuition and Fees. In practice, Tuition and Fees for GSRs are charged in AIS to the Graduate Division. These expenses are subsequently transferred in FIS to the FOAPAL that paid the Research Assistant (GSR) payroll. This object derives the funding type (fund level 2) for the tuition and fees from the corresponding payroll record. There is no guarantee that the funding will match what ultimately transpires in FIS, but it is a best guess.

Department is determined from the student major. If the student was not registered in the term that they received payment (such as Summer) then the major is "-" and the department is unknown for that payment.

Data Loads

Data is loaded quarterly in arrears, after the third-week census data is received by the campus data warehouse in the following term.

Approximate load schedule (end of month):

  • February for Fall quarter
  • May for Winter quarter
  • September for Spring quarter
  • November for Summer quarter

Last data load:  Spring 2020

Access Levels

  • General Access - Read-only
  • General Access - Report-writer

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