Financial Operating Universe

Universe Description

UCSC Data Warehouse receives Network Telecommunications Services billing information on a monthly basis. The data is made available for reporting through the NTS_Bill universe.

  • NTS_Bill: Amounts charged to each unit for telephone, network, and recurring service. Such amounts may not exactly match what has posted to the FIS/Financial Information System due to chart of account corrections made during the "NTS to FIS" load process.

Those with access to the NTS_Bill universe can view campus-wide information. Although departmental or organizational data restrictions do not exist, reports can be written to pull information only for specific organizational structures if needed.

Features and Limitations

Due to the presumed confidential nature of certain campus business units, data is not available in NTS_Bill for the NTS Billing Departments listed below. If your unit should be added or removed from this list, please contact Data Management.

NTS Dept Code

NTS Department Name


CBO-Ombudsman Ofc


HLTHCT-Invalid Counsel Serv


HTHCT-Invalid FIS Use 50105




HLTHCT-SHC Health Education


HLTHCT-SHC Insurance


HLTHCT-SHC Clinics/FirstAid

Data Loads

  • Data loads monthly from the PCR-360 system

Access Levels

Access can be granted to NTS_Bill as either:

  • General Access - Read-only
  • General Access - Report-writer

Apply for Access

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