Data Access

Access Levels

There are four kinds of data access level:

General (Default)

General Data Access includes all data that would be of general relevance to everyone using that universe. General Data Access is the default status for all data fields, unless otherwise stated.


Central Data Access includes all data in General Data Access, but with additional fields that are useful in central offices.

Example: Access to certain financial transaction rows is restricted to the budget office for audit purposes.

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Restricted Data Access includes all data in General or Central access, but with additional fields that are of particular data privacy or data security sensitivity.

Example: The social security numbers column is restricted in the PPS (Payroll Personnel System) Universe to Staff Human Resources and Academic Personnel Office employees only.

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Unit Specific Access is granted when particular units have a business need to see certain fields at the central or restricted level, but it would not be appropriate to grant them access to all of the central or restricted fields.

Example: The Disability Resource Center can view certain sensitive information about individual students relating to disability status and requests, but cannot see other pieces of sensitive information such as visa status or social security number.

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