Report Retention Management

Report retention management includes the identification of reports that have not incurred user actions (view, refresh, modify) within the past 1 1/2 years, flags the reports for recommended archival retention, and archives the reports for long term storage.  The report archive process is scheduled to run every 6 months.

Archive exceptions are available for reports that cannot incur further actions, and are required to be retained online for legal or other purposes.

Additional exceptions from archive include view, refresh, modify, or other actions on a report thereby resetting the last used date and excluding the report from the current archive cycle.

Report retention management is applied to user's favorites (Personal) folders and subfolders, and public shared folders.  An excel file containing an inventory of reports identified for archive retention will be generated and sent to each user's BI Inbox and published to each shared public folder.  

If a report is recommended for archive and a business need exists to retain the report online, you have the option to either view, modify or refresh the report.  This action will update the utilization date and remove the report from the archive list.

In the event a report cannot be viewed or refreshed and requires an exceptions to the archive requirements, please submit the following form:

📝Report Retention Request