Value and Use


Corporate Reports go through a rigorous testing process as part of the Certification Process in order to validate and ensure data integrity. The reports also follow specific guidelines to reduce data presentation errors, increase their versatility and conform visually to the corporate style.

The accuracy of data warehouse reports can vary based on a user's understanding of the data and proficiency with Business Objects™. Certified Corporate Documents are an equalizer, allowing users to ensure receipt and distribution of accurate information, regardless of their technical skill set or area of expertise. The value of a Certified Corporate Document is:

  • Complexity and confusion is reduced because the report has already been written and the report’s purpose and use has been documented
  • Credibility is increased because of the testing phase that establishes accuracy
  • Risk is reduced because the procedure assigns responsibility, limits modifications (and thus errors) and the report is auditable
  • Information delivery costs are reduced when users adopt these certified reports, rather than creating similar reports independently


Although a Certified Corporate Document has been developed to promote accuracy, it must also be used responsibly. A Certified Corporate Document is only to be used to meet UCSC business needs, according to the descriptions and within the limitations documented on its Purpose page. Before distributing a Certified Corporate Document, it is the user’s responsibility to confirm:

  • The report sufficiently addresses the business question raised
  • The data prompt responses were entered correctly (chart of accounts, date parameters, etc.)
  • The report appears correct when compared with the source system (if possible)