Modifying Corporate Reports

Modification by Users

Acceptable Modifications

From time to time, it may become necessary for a User to modify a copy of a Certified Corporate Document after it has been downloaded.  Limited modifications are permissible, and the document will maintain its certified status, if they are performed in a way that keeps the Document’s stated purpose, intent and integrity intact. These limits are not specifically detailed, but include such things as:

  1. Changing prompts to hard-code parameters in the query for purposes of enhancing distribution or performance, so long as data elements or functionality is not altered.
  2. Changing hierarchical levels at which the report runs, so long as functionality or stated purpose is not altered.
  3. Cosmetic modifications, so long as elements are not hidden, deleted or altered.
  4. Deleting Tabs from the document (except for the Purpose Tab).
  5. Adding text that identifies the unit, User or recipient, so long as the text is not misleading with regards to the stated purpose.

Non-Certifiable Modifications

Any modifications that are performed outside these limits shall negate the “certification” status of the report. This means that although the report may still be functional and valid, the data warehouse no longer certifies its accuracy. The modified report may continue to be used; however, the User must remove all evidence of certification from the document by taking the following actions:

  1. Renaming the report, using the “SaveAs” function.
  2. Deleting the Purpose page (optional) or at least the certification paragraph from the Purpose page (required).
  3. Deleting the certification “mark” in the footer of each tab of the report.

certification stamp

Regardless of the modifications performed, it is the User’s responsibility to provide accurate information to others as part of their job. Therefore, it is always recommended that s/he confirm that the final product is accurate before sending it to others, and perhaps have another individual review it as well. It is also highly recommended that the modification be noted in a text box, so the report writer can easily identify changes when the report is used at a later date.