Steering Committee


The Data Warehouse Steering Committee meets quarterly to discuss and vote on matters and topics relevant to the Data Warehouse. These topics can include general direction, proposal of projects, prioritization of changes and developments and any other decision that may have an effect on users.

Members also discuss timing and prioritization leading up to and during our project cycles.

Next meeting:
    212 Kerr Hall


The integrity, campus utility and support of the Data Warehouse come from our constituents. They must necessarily be involved in the decision making process because any developments or changes will effect them as DWH users, supporters and source system stewards. Therefore, a balanced, consistent and broad-based membership is essential.

The current membership of the Data Warehouse Steering Committee is listed below.
An * indicates voting members (1 per unit).

Data Management

  • Todd Graham, Director, 9-5083
Academic Units
  • *Arts Division
  • *Vacant, 9-4477, Humanities Division
  • *Jim Moore, 9-3513, Graduate Studies Division (AIS Academic Information System)
  • *Susan Bright, 9-2692, Physical and Biological Sciences Division
  • *School of Engineering
  • *Social Sciences Division

Division of Finance, Operations, and Administration

  • *Division of Finance, Operations, and Administration (FOA)
  • *Ryan Maddox, 9-4244, Enterprise Financial Systems (FIS Financial Information System)
  • Joy McCauley, 9-5541, Enterprise Financial Systems (PPS Payroll Personnel System, CruzPay, and ERS Effort Reporting System )
  • *Chris Karzag, 9-1204, Colleges Housing and Educational Services (Dining Systems)
  • *Deb Collins, 9-3205, Internal Audit
  • *Nathan McCall, 9-3827, Staff Human Resources

Chancellor/CPEVC Units

  • *Cris Imai, 9-4689, Academic Personnel Office
  • *Julian Fernald, 9-4341, Instutional Research Analysis and Policy Studies
  • Shirley Truong, 9-5334, Instutional Research Analysis and Policy Studies
  • *Troy Lawson, 9-4338, Planning & Budget (FMW/Financial Managers Workbench)

Information Technology Services

  • *Laura Persson, 9-5434, ITS (NTS/Pinnacle)
  • Jody Couch, 9-4116, ITS Applications and Project Management
  • Charles McIntyre, 9-5746, ITS APM Business Systems
  • Laurie Eppler, 9-1857, ITS Project Management (UC PATH)

Student Success

  • *Denise Ilarina, 9-5356, VPSS

Undergraduate Education

  • *Patrick Register, 9-4404, Enrollment Management (AIS Academic Information System)

University Relations

  • *Brian Duisenberg, 9-1661 (ADFS Alumni, Donors, Friends System)