DWH Project Cycle


The campus Data Warehouse is constantly changing the respond to the needs of campus units and users. The changes range from small, like the addition of a new field to an existing universe, to large, like the integration of a entirely new data set.

The Data Warehouse team operates on a formalized cycle, calling on users to propose well-formulated requests to be reviewed by our steering committee. The Steering Committee then meets to compile a project calendar and plan to reflect priority and timing.

Development of Project Plans

Project requests are solicited via email and through meeting with as many constituency groups as possible. Project Request forms are submitted by each group or by individuals to initially define each project's potential benefits and scope.

The requests are then documented in a single list and attributed to one of three categories:

  • Data Warehouse Information Development Projects
  • Data Management Internal Process Improvement Projects
  • Data Management Infrastructure and Application Support Projects

Requests defined as "Data Warehouse Information Development Projects" are presented to the Data Warehouse Steering Committee and the members cast votes (based on business importance).

The Data Management Team assigns scores to each project based on estimates of benefit (taking the DWHSC votes, and/or requestors' priorities into consideration), cost, risk, and whether or not there is an active advocate or business partner for the project. The projects are prioritized according the resulting scores, and then placed on the annual project plan with careful consideration of assigned resources and external dependencies. The plan is presented to the Data Warehouse Steering Committee for vetting, and is modified or adopted accordingly.

For more information about current projects and topics, consult your Steering Committee representative.