Data Warehouse


The current strategy of the Data Warehouse is to focus on projects that support significant business process improvements. We are particularly interested in supporting units where there is a significant need for both ad-hoc analysis and standard reports or a need for small focused data marts to simplify the integration of information for reviewing specific complex or high volume business processes.


The over-arching goal of the Data Warehouse is to provide a platform for campus constituents to access information relevant to their work. In order to accomplish this, the Data Warehouse is constantly changing in response to the needs of campus units and users. While small changes may be made in the moment, larger projects go through a more formal discussion, planning, and vetting process.

To learn more about the two-year project cycle process, please see our Steering Committee page.

Current Projects

We are currently in between user-driven project cycles, but UCPath, maintenance, clean-up, and infrastructure projects are keeping us busy.

  • Modern Data Platform Proof of Concept (POC)

    The Data Warehouse has been migrated from our on-premise data center to Amazon Web Services (AWS), yet we have not fully realized the potential of a cloud-based data warehousing solution.   There has been a transformative shift in data warehousing technologies over the past decade and the Data Management Team is actively working on evaluating the capabilities of several SaaS services that specialize in Data Warehousing. 

  • General Requests

    There is a steady stream of service requests coming to the Data Management Team and we try to do these as they come if we have time, but sometimes the big projects have to take up our attention. We are still working down our list of existing smaller requests.