20 Years UCSC Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse just celebrated its 20 year anniversary!

Data Management

Data Management has grown and changed over years as campus needs and information systems have developed and shifted.

Previous Strategies, Missions and Visions

  • Focus on Campus Efficiencies and Business Process Improvement (2009)

The current strategy of the Campus Data Warehouse is to focus on projects that support significant business process improvements as campus units have faced reduced resources or adopted efficiencies. This results in large projects where there's significant need for both ad hoc analysis and standard reports, as well as small focused data marts to simplify integration of information for reviewing specific complex or high volume business processes.

  • Strategic Growth through Services: Accessible, accurate, understandable data (Fall 2001)

From 2001 through 2008, the strategy of the DWH was to facilitate usage through good customer support. Areas of focus included tew training, report certification, data quality, phone support, report writing help. The concept was that "it is less important to target increases in the total number of users or to attempt to meet the needs of a wider user base (e.g. managers, executives), than it is to support the core users who support that wider user base)".

  • Mission Statement (Summer 1993)

The purpose of the UCSC's Data Warehouse is to provide analysts and planners with access to database extracts containing data on the campus' students, curriculum, faculty, staff, budget, and facilities. The Data Warehouse should provide easy access to a wide variety of information and reduce the need for multiple data reporting and storage systems