Help & Training - 4.3

Getting Started Video

An introduction to Infoview including running, saving, and printing reports. Start here if you're new to Infoview or need a walkthrough of performing basic functions in Infoview 4.3.

You can also view the accompanying PDF:

📝Getting Started with Infoview

Training Classes and Office Hours

Training sessions are being offered biweekly.  Office hours are available twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Check the DWH Events calendar for dates and times.

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Report Writer Basics

PDF: 📝Report Writers Handout

3 hour session that covers how to create reports:

  • Adding and customizing data elements
  • Data structure and formatting
  • Using custom variables
  • Using and modifying Corporate Reports


When I go to run a report, it says that the "universe isn't found". What does that mean?

It means that you don't have access to the universe the report is based on.

Where are my recently run documents in Infoview 4.3?

Report run histories were not able to be retained through the system upgrade.  However, we have provided each user with an Excel and PDF report history from the prior system. This report includes each report's name and folder location.  Your report history can be found in the BI Inbox and is called Recently Used Documents.  We recommend you use this report as a resource to locate your reports in the new system.