Beautiful Reports


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Creating aesthetically pleasing reports is absolutely possible in InfoView. The guides in this section give you lots of tools to work with to make it happen.


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Tips and Tricks


1. Change the font, size, color and allignment of text in a cell.

2. Change the number or date formatting in a cell.

3. Change the size, padding, borders and background colors of a cell.

4. Find the relevant Formatting Menus: try out a few different methods to get there.


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  • Align Elements: Peg the position of one element to the position of the other.
  • Structure Mode: Look at the structure of your report without data.


1. Align a table or cell to another table or cell. Move the cells around to see what happens.

2. Change into Structure Mode and look at your report. Move the elements around in Structure Mode, then change back to data mode to see how it effects your report.


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  • Charts: Add a chart to visually display your data.
  • Hide Elements: Hide columns, tables or cells from view. This can also be done conditionally.
  • Purge Function: Delete all data from a report.


1. Add a chart to your report. Try out a few chart types.

2. Hide a column in your report. Hide a table or cell that is aligned with a different table or cell.

3. Look at the document structure to see your hidden elements.

4. Purge the data from your report.