Find Objects


Finding the right field can be tricky. This guide covers two methods that can make this process easier.


Step-by-Step Guide

Mouse-Over Descriptions

Many of the objects and even the folders in the Data Palette have descriptions associated with them.

Hover your mouse over the object or folder in question. A dialog box will appear, usually filled with helpful information about the field.

Example: CS Term

Screenshot of InfoView mouse-over for CS Term field

Object Search Box

Do you know the name of the field but not what folder it might be in? Use the search box!

The box above the Data Palette is a search box. Enter in your keyword or part of the field name and InfoView will filter the list of objects automatically to show only the objects that contain the letters that you typed in.

Important Note: Make sure to check the location and description of the field carefully to be sure that it is the one that you want. You may be adding an object that only appears to match your needs: some universes have multiple fields with similar names that show similar information but are actually very different from each other (e.g. Name at admission, Name at time of enrollment, the latest Name, etc.)

Screenshot of InfoView Query Panel search for a field with the word

To clear the search, click on the "X" in the box.

Note: after you clear your search, all of the folders will be open. You can open or close all folders by clicking on the plus-arrow-down and plus-arrow-up buttons next to the search box.