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This guide describes how to start a report from scratch. This method will get you to a blank Query Panel, which must be filled out as described in the Query Panel Guide.


Step-by-Step Guide

Start a Report from Scratch

1. Open the "Web Intelligence" application within InfoView


A) Click the "Applications" button in the header and select "Web Intelligence" or

B) From your home screen*, click on the "Web Intelligence" icon.

*Your home screen is the default page after you log in, and the left-most tab underneath the banana slug.

Screenshot of InfoView showing where application buttons are

2. Once the Web Intelligence application has opened in a new tab, select the "new document" icon

Screenshot of InfoView showing where the new document button is

3. In the pop-up window titled "Create a document", select "Universe" and click OK.

Screenshot of InfoView showing create a document pop up window

4. Then, select the universe that you want to report on and click OK.

Note: Your list will be different depending on what access you have in InfoView.

Screenshot of InfoView universe selection pop up window

A blank Query Panel will appear.

Check the Query Panel Guide for further instructions.