Shared Folder


Shared Folders are folders inside InfoView that many people have access to. These folders are separate from your personal folders; unfortunately, we cannot make your personal folders such as "My Documents" easily accessible to other users.

Because these folders are set up and maintained by the Data Management team, these folders should be used in situations where you will have a long-term need to share reports. One-time exchanges can be accomplished via other means.


Shared folders can have a two-tiered security system, if desired. One group of people can have writing access and one read-only access. Users in the read-only group have the ability to see the reports in the folder, open them and run them. They do not have the ability to add or delete reports, or change the reports in the folder.

Writing access allows users to open and run reports, but also to add, delete and reorganize the reports. Writing users have the ability to save reports to the location, which includes changing existing reports as well as adding new documents.

Set Up

Shared Folders must be set up by the Data Management team.

When you ask for a shared folder, we will want to know the following information:

1. What is this shared folder for?

2. What should the shared folder be named?

3. Who should have writing access to this folder?

4. If applicable, who should have read-only access to this folder?

Send this information via email to Data Management: