Share Reports


The ease of sharing reports in InfoView is one of the strengths of the system.

Reports can be shared in several ways:

  • Export: Report content can be exported and sent like any other file.
  • Shared Folders: Reports can be saved in a shared folder.
  • Send: Reports can be sent to another user inside InfoView.
    • Note: This method requires report writing access.
  • Corporate Reports: Reports can be certified and made available centrally to all read-only users with access to that universe.

When sharing reports with others, there are a few extra tools that might be helpful:

  • Hiding Elements allows tables, columns and certain cells to be hidden from view
  • Purging Data allows reports to be saved empty and without data.
  • Editing Metadata gives you the opportunity to change the Report Description and other fields that can help other users understand the contents of your report.