Fill in Prompts


A Prompt is a mechanism by which a report can be narrowed in scope at the time it is refreshed. This scope can be adjusted by each user and for each refresh independently. It can be changed by anyone with any access level, as long as the user has access to the underlying universe. Prompts allow reports to have great flexibility and versatility.


Step-by-Step Guide

The Prompt Panel will pop up when you refresh a report that contains prompts.

Screenshot of InfoView prompts pop-up panel

Optional prompts are marked with a green check mark.

Required prompts are marked with a red arrow. When you fill out a mandatory prompt, the red arrow will change to a green check mark.

OK - Once all the prompts show a green arrow, the "OK" button will become clickable. If a report only has optional prompts, we recommend that you fill out at least one to make sure your report does not take too long to run.

A. Method 1: Freehand Typing

All prompts allow you to type in values freehand.

BUT: Our databases are searching for exact matches, so you have to know how the information is saved. Extra or missing spaces, leading zeroes or abbreviated words will all return "no information".

Enter in the desired value in the text box and click the ">" button to add it to the list

Repeat as necessary.

Screenshot of InfoView prompts pop-up panel manual value entry

B. Method 2: Entering dates

Dates can be selected using the calendar tool and then selecting the ">" button.

Note: Date inputs selected this way or from a list will always show a time stamp, but this is not required when typing in freehand.

Screenshot of InfoView prompts pop-up panel date value entry

C. Method 3: Selecting value(s) from a list

Selecting from a list is a helpful option if you do not know exactly how the data is saved.

1. If the list area is blank, click the "Refresh Values" button

2. To sort the list, click on the heading

3. If the list is long enough, it might be broken into sections which are navigable via the drop-down menu above the list.

4. Select the value

5. Click the ">" button

Screenshot of InfoView prompts pop-up panel select from list value entry