How do I...


How do I... guides and videos are meant to help InfoView users learn how to use InfoView from beginning to end.


  • First Steps
    • What are the computer requirements for using InfoView?
    • How do I log in?


InfoView Skills can be separated into three main groups:

  • Run and Use Reports
    • How do I open a report?
    • How do I refresh a report?
    • How do I share a report?
  • Formatting Reports
    • How do I change the way a report looks?
    • How do I make a new table?
    • How do I filter and group data?
  • Variables
    • How do I create a new variable?
    • How do I use formulas to add custom content to my reports?
    • How do I use If-Then statements?
  • Create and Edit Queries (Report writing access required)
    • How do I write my own report?
    • How do I create a query?
  • Advanced InfoView Skills
    • How do I change the source of the query?
    • How do I import an Excel file?
    • How do I use Database ranking?
    • How do I use multiple queries?
  • Central Concepts
    • What are Data Types and Object Types?
    • What operators should I use?

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