How do I...


How do I... guides and videos are meant to help InfoView users learn how to use InfoView from beginning to end.



InfoView Skills can be separated into three main groups:

  • Run and Use Reports
    • How do I open a report?
    • How do I refresh a report?
    • How do I share a report?
  • Formatting Reports
    • How do I change the way a report looks?
    • How do I make a new table?
    • How do I filter and group data?
  • Variables
    • How do I create a new variable?
    • How do I use formulas to add custom content to my reports?
    • How do I use If-Then statements?
  • Create and Edit Queries (Report writing access required)
    • How do I write my own report?
    • How do I create a query?
  • Advanced InfoView Skills
    • How do I change the source of the query?
    • How do I import an Excel file?
    • How do I use Database ranking?
    • How do I use multiple queries?
  • Central Concepts
    • What are Data Types and Object Types?
    • What operators should I use?

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