Work with Charts


A Chart is a graphical visualization of data. InfoView offers many different kinds of charts, including multiple types of plot, line, bar and pie charts. They are coupled to the data in your report, so the charts will change with every refresh, just like the tables do.

Charts can be a great way to quickly gain a sense of your data at a glance or notice trends over time.

For example, this pie chart shows enrollment counts (sum of all course enrollments) by division for a single quarter in a single year:

Screenshot of InfoView chart


Step-by-Step Guide

Prerequisite: Have your report open and make sure it is in Design Mode. If necessary, refresh your report.

1. Navigate to the "Report Elements" menu, then the submenus "Chart" and "Other".

Screenshot of InfoView menus showing location of buttons and sub-menus

2. Pick a chart style by clicking on the small black triangle next to each button and select "More..." or click "More" and select "All Charts" to see a complete list.

Screenshot of InfoView

A. Column chart and variations

B. Line chart and variations

C. Pie chart and variations

Screenshot of InfoView

A. Bar chart and variations

B. Scatter plot chart and variations

C. Other charts not covered in the other menus

3. Click anywhere on your report tab

4. If you immediately see an empty grey chart appear, right-click (control + click on a mac) on empty space in the grey chart and select "Assign Data".

If the "Insert Report Element" appears, make or confirm your chart style selection.

Screenshot of InfoView

5. Each style will ask for fields to make up the axes, colors and shapes in your chart.

To make your selections in the "Insert Report Element" panel, pick objects from the list in the "Pick..." drop-down menu. At least one object must be picked for each area highlighted in bold, unless the drop-down menu says "(optional)".

Select an object by clicking on the small triangle in and clicking on one object in the list.

Screenshot of InfoView Insert Report Element pop-up showing drop-down menu with the list of available objects

6. To pick more than one object for any section, click on the "+" sign. This will cause another "Pick..." drop-down menu of available objects to appear directly below.

Screenshot of InfoView

7. Once picked, your selection can be cleared or extra selections can be deleted by clicking the blue "X".

Screenshot of InfoView Insert Report Element pop-up showing

8. When you are done with your selections, click OK and a chart will appear filled with data.

9. The style of the chart can be changed by right-clicking and selecting "Format Chart..."

10. To edit your selections, right-click (command + click on a mac) on free space in your chart and select "Assign Data". Complete steps 5-9 to complete your changes.