Format Reports


"Formatting" reports means deciding how a report structures and shows the information it contains. This can include:

  • Adding/changing tables, charts, report tabs, columns and empty table cells
  • Sorting and grouping data within a table
  • Adding sums, counts and other functional rows
  • Formatting tables, table cells and table contents

These skills can be applied to existing reports already available to you or, for report writers only, completely new reports that you have written.


Required for most skills: How do I change into Design Mode?


  • Basics
    • How do I change into Design Mode?
    • How do I add, delete or rearrange table columns?
    • How do I add a sum, count, min, max or percentage row?
    • How do I change the order the information displays in by applying a sort?
    • How do I group information by applying a break?
    • How do I format text or table cells?
  • Report Elements
    • How do I create a new, blank report tab, rename tabs or copy an existing tab?
    • How do I add tables, cross-tab tables and charts to my report, and align them on the report page?
    • How do I add blank or pre-defined table cells?
  • Filter Group Rank
    • How do I group information by applying a section, using outlines or grouping within InfoView?
    • How do I use filters, drill filters and input controls to limit information in my table, report tab or report?
    • How do I rank my results?
  • Extras, Tips and Tricks
    • How do I find the Format Menus?
    • How do I use Structure Mode to see my report's structure?
    • How do I add formatted text from Microsoft Word?
    • How do I use the Formula Bar?