Ranking Filters


A filter is a mechanism that limits the rows shown in a single table or report tab.

A ranking can be used to limit your table to a “Top XXX” or “Bottom XXX” set of rows. You define the calculations that choose the rows as part of defining this kind of filter.



Prerequisite: Have your report open and make sure it is in Design Mode.

1. Click anywhere inside your table (not on the headers).

2. Get to the Ranking menu by one of the following methods:

Navigate to the "Analysis" menu and the "Filters" submenu, then select “Ranking” and “Add New”.

Screenshot of InfoView showing location of ranking buttons in the menus


Right-click (command click on a mac) and select "Ranking" and "Add Ranking".

3. In the ranking pop-up window, you can change the calculation mode, if desired. The calculation mode is the mechanism by which InfoView picks the top or bottom set.

For example "count" will pick the top number of rows and "percentage" will pick the top percentage of rows.

Screenshot of InfoView showing InfoView Ranking pop-up

5. Next, decide if you want the top group, the bottom group, or both, by checking or unchecking the boxes in the top section.

Screenshot of InfoView ranking pop up window

6. Change the default number to choose the number of rows (count), or the % number (percentage), that you would like to see.

7. Pick a field from the drop-down menu following “Based on”. This field is the numeric basis for calculating the top or bottom set, so all the fields in this list will be measures.

Screenshot of InfoView ranking pop-up window

8. You can uncheck the "Ranked by" button to receive the top or bottom set of rows for the whole report.

Or, you can leave "Ranked by" checked and choose a dimension of your choice. InfoView will show the top or bottom set within the values of the object that you chose.

Example: Ranked by Term

The ranking filter displayed below will pick the top 10 classes based on enrollment within each term of your report.

Screenshot of InfoView Ranking Filter

9. When you are happy with your selections, click OK and your table will limit itself accordingly.

Remove or Edit a ranking

To remove or edit a ranking, return to the ranking menu via steps 1 and 2 detailed above.

In the ranking menu, select "Edit Ranking" or "Remove Ranking".