Using Outlines


Outlines are a way to show summarized information but retain detail in the table by hiding it. This function allows you to "fold up" a table, sub-table or set of sub-tables to show only the summary row(s).

Outlines are most useful when used in conjunction with tables that contain breaks (see our Breaks Guide for more information). They are especially useful when attempting to show a summary table containing number calculations that rely on If-Then statements in a variable. Sometimes these calculations will only display correctly when the fields that the variables are based on are included in the table, but including them leads to undesired detail. Outlines can be used to hide the extra detail and show only the relevant summaries.

Note: The detail can also be excluded by using contexts in the calculations, but contexts can be very difficult to use correctly. Check out our Contexts Guide for more information.



Prerequisite: Changing to Outline View is do-able before entering into Design Mode. However, this tutorial shows the process after entering design mode.

1. Add any desired breaks (see the Breaks Guide for more instructions). A table without breaks will contain only a single summary row in your folded up table.

2. Add any desired aggregate rows, such as sums, counts, mins and maxes (see the Add Rows Guide for more instructions)

3. Navigate to the Analysis menu and the Interact submenu.

Screenshot of InfoView showing the location of the Outline button in the menus

4. Click "Outline"

5. Note that when you click inside your table now, extra outline lines appear to the left and the top of your report page

Screenshot of an InfoView report in Outline Mode

6. Each small black triangle can be clicked to fold up that table or sub-table which hides all of the detail and only shows the summary row of that table or subtable.

Screenshot of InfoView showing the location of the small black triangle for folding up the table

7. To fold up or unfold all sub-tables in that level, click on the appropriate number just outside the lower left corner of your report page.

Screenshot of InfoView showing the location of the shortcut

Click on the number again to unfold all the folded breaks at that level.

Click on the "T" to fold or unfold all levels into one single summary row.

8. To exit outline view, click on the outline button in the Analysis menu again.