Drill Filters


A filter is a mechanism that limits the rows shown in a single table, report tab or document. A drill-filter is a way of making the filter dynamic, similar to Input Controls.

Drill filters are the simplest kind of filter: they only support the selection of one value at a time and apply only to a whole report tab. However, they are the easiest to apply and create and they figure most prominently at the top of the report screen. They also are the easiest filters that you can dynamically retrieve with a function, meaning that you can print the chosen drill-filter values either in a variable (see the Other Functions Guide) or in a single cell as a pre-defined cell (see the Add Cells Guide).


Adding a Drill-Filter

Note: Drill filters apply to a single report tab. All tables within the report tab will be filtered on the chosen value, but none of the other report tabs will be effected by the filter.

Prerequisites: Adding a drill-filter is do-able before entering into Design Mode. However, this tutorial shows the process after entering design mode.

1. Navigate to the "Analysis" Menu, and the "Interact" sub menu.

Screenshot of InfoView menus to show menu and button locations

2. Click "Filter Bar" and note the extra bar above your report.

Screenshot of InfoView menus to show new filter bar

3. Select the "add simple report filters" button in the filter bar. The options in your menu are the objects in your report. If you are looking for something else in this list, you'll have to add it to your report first.

Screenshot of InfoView drill filter object menu

4. A drop-down menu will appear in the filter bar, defaulting to no filters ("All values").

Screenshot of InfoView drill filter bar containing filter menu

5. You can now pick list of values to limit your report tab.

Screenshot of InfoView drill filter drop-down menu options

Screenshot of InfoView drill filter menu with arts division selected

7. To remove the filter, scroll to the bottom of the list and select "remove"

Screenshot of InfoView drill filter object menu options with the

8. Add as many drill filters as desired.