Purge Information from Reports


"Purging" is the act of removing all of the data from a report without changing the report query or table structure.

When a report is run and saved, the information retrieved by the report will be saved with the report. Purging will remove all of the data and leave the report blank.

This can be helpful when sharing reports with others, especially in situations where the report is retrieving sensitive or personal information. By purging a report, the report can be sent or shared without sending or sharing specific information content. The old data saved in unpurged reports can also be mistaken for fresh data from a newly run report. Saving an empty report is an easy way to avoid this problem.


Step-by-Step Guide

Prerequisite: Have your report open and make sure it is in Design Mode.

1. Navigate to the "Data Access" menu and the "Data Providers" submenu.

Screenshot of InfoView showing the location of menus and buttons

2. Click the "Purge" button.

Note: If you have multiple queries, it is also possible to purge data by query. To do this, click on the black triangle next to the purge button and select your query from the list. Or, select "Purge All".

Screenshot of InfoView showing purge options

3. If your report has prompts, the pop-up window will have an extra choice that purges the prompt choices as well.

To complete this step, check the "Purge last selected prompt values" box.

Screenshot of InfoView pop-up dialog box when data is purged from a report

4. To purge your data, click "Yes". To cancel, click "No"

5. When you purge your data, you will receive a second pop-up window stating that the query retrieved no data. This is normal. Click "Ok.

Screenshot of second pop-up dialog box in InfoView when data is purged from a report.

Your report will now be blank. Save your report to preserve this state.

Run your report to repopulate it with data.

Screenshot of InfoView showing a purged report