Adding Text from MS Word


InfoView offers many choices for text style and formatting, but Microsoft Word will always offer more options. It is not possible to directly copy-paste text into InfoView from MS Word, but there is a work-around to add the text as an image.

As an image, this text will not be searchable if the report is exported, for example to Excel, but it is entirely legible and can look very stylish.

Step-by-Step Guide

Note: This tutorial assumes windows as an operating system. Macs and other computers may need to substitute different software for the steps involved.

Prerequisite: Have your report open and make sure it is in Design Mode. If necessary, refresh your report.

1. Complete and format your text in MS Word.

2. Recommended: Shrink the margins to 0.5 inches on all sides or smaller (this document will not be printed)

Screenshot of MS Word Margins Menu

3. Go to the Print Menu

4. Choose Adobe PDF as your printer

Screenshot of MS Word print menu

5. Click "Printer Properties"

6. In the Document Properties pop-up window, select "High Quality Print" in the list of Default Settings. Click OK.

Screenshot of MS Word Adobe PDF printer properties

7. Print the document. When prompted, save the file.

8. Open the PDF and save as an image file (such as .png or .jpg) by changing the format under "Save as type":

Screenshot of Save-As function in Adobe PDF Reader

Screenshot of Adobe PDF Reader Save-As PNG

9. Open the image in MS Paint (Open MS Paint, find your file and drag and drop it into MS paint.)

10. In the "Home" Menu, click "Resize"

11. In the pop-up window, type in 50 to shrink the document by 50%

Note: Depending on the length and size of your text, the percentage of shrinkage that you need may be variable.

Screenshot of MS Paint Resize pop-up

12. In the "Home" Menu, click "Select" and then Select all of the area with text on it.

Screenshot of MS Paint Menu showing the location of buttons

13. Click "Crop" to get rid of the unwanted white space. Repeat steps 12 and 13 as necessary.

14. Once all of the margins and white space is gone, save the cropped image as a new image

15. In InfoView, navigate to and open the report that you'd like to add your text to. Change the design mode.

16. Navigate to the menu "Report Elements", then the submenu "Cell"

Screenshot of InfoView menus showing location of buttons and sub-menus

17. Click the "Blank" button and click on to your report tab

18. Select your new blank cell. Right-click and select "Format Cell..." from the menu

Screenshot of InfoView right-click menu showing the location of the

19. In the Format Cell pop-up, select "Appearance"

Screenshot of InfoView Format Cell pop-up panel

20. Select "Image from file", then "Add"

21. In the "Upload Image" pop-up, select "Browse" and find your file, then click "Upload"

Screenshot of InfoView Upload Image pop-up window

22. Click "OK" to exit the "Format Cell" pop-up menu. The image is now the background to your blank cell.

23. Enlarge your new cell to show the entirety of your image.

24. Optional: All blank cells come with a bottom border by default. To change this, check out our Cell Formatting guide.