Extras, Tips and Tricks

Additional Skills

This section contains some extras, tips and tricks that can help you use InfoView. These guides are aimed at people who have already opened, refreshed and formatted a few reports. Mastering these skills is not required to use InfoView well, but some of them might help you!

Prerequisites: Design Mode

  • Structure Mode
    • Structure mode can help you organize and align reports that have multiple tables on one page
  • Format Menus
    • The Format Menus centralize many options for report elements, but can be tricky to get to
  • Adding Text from Microsoft Word
    • You can add a title page or detailed explanations from other programs as a background image in InfoView
  • Formula Bar
    • The Formula Bar can make entering data into cells easier; it also allows the use of formulas without needing to make a variable.
  • Edit Metadata
    • You can edit the description of your report and add keywords.
  • Purge Data
    • This function purges the data from your repor leaving it blank while keeping your report structure intact.