Apply a Sort


A sort is a mechanism that makes rows appear in a particular order. InfoView defaults to A-Z sorting, starting with the left-most column in your table and continuing right. Applying a sort to any column overrides this default. Sorts can be applied ascending, descending or as a custom-determined order based on your input.


Step-by-Step Guide

Prerequisite: Have your report open and make sure it is in Design Mode. If necessary, refresh your report.

1. Click inside the table on the column that you would like to sort (not the header).

2. To get to the Sorts menu, either:

A) Navigate to the "Analysis" menu, then the "Display" submenu and click on the triangle next to the sort button, or

Screenshot of InfoView menu showing sort button location

B) Right-click (command + click on a macs) on the content of the column that you would like to sort (not the header) and select "Sort"

Screenshot of InfoView menu showing right-click options

3. In the sorts menu, select Ascending or Descending for an immediate sort.

Note: Sometimes, InfoView will automatically take you to a different report page after applying a sort.

4. To remove an existing sort, select "Remove all Sorts" in the sorts menu.

Note: This will remove all of the sorts on the table, not just those in this column. To remove only a single sort, go to the Manage Sorts pop-up detailed in step 5.

5. For more options, including custom sorts, click "Advanced" to go to the Manage Sorts pop-up window.

Working with the Manage Sorts Pop-up

Screenshot of Manage Sorts panel in InfoView

All sorts can be changed, added, and removed from the Manage Sorts pop-up window.

Sorts can also be ranked in priority by using the arrow buttons to move sorts up or down in the list. This dictates the order in which the sorts take effect.

To add a custom sort, select the desired sort in the list (if necessary, add the sort first) and then click the "Values..." button in the "Custom Order" section:

Screenshot of InfoView Manage Sorts panel with custom-sort button highlighted

From the Custom Sort pop-up window, all of the values returned for that object are displayed. The order can be changed by selecting and moving each value up or down the list with the arrow buttons.

When you are finished, click OK.

Screenshot of InfoView Custom Sort pop-up panel

Finally, click Apply or OK in the Manage Sorts window. Your table will reorganize accordingly.