Apply a Break


A break is a way to group data together inside a table. Applying a break separates the groups of data into what look like discrete and separate tables, each with the same headings. The grouped data tables can have their own function rows like counts or sums and can each begin an entirely new page. However, the grouped tables also still behave as one for grand totals, formatting and structure within the report. A break is applied to a single object, but multiple breaks can be applied to the same table.


Step-by-Step Guide

Prerequisite: Have your report open and make sure it is in Design Mode. If necessary, refresh your report.

1. Click inside the table on the column that you would like to break on (not the header).

Screenshot of InfoView table before applying a break

2. Complete one of the following to get to the breaks menu:

A) Navigate to the "Report Elements" menu, then the "Table Layout" submenu and click on the triangle next to the "Break" button

Note: The "Table Layout" submenu will not show up unless you have clicked inside a table.

Screenshot of InfoView Menus showing break button location

B) Navigate to the "Analysis" menu tab, then the "Display" submenu and click on the triangle next to the break button

Screenshot of InfoView Menus showing break button location

C) Right click (command + click on a mac) on the content of the column that you would like to break (not the header) and select "Break"

Screenshot of InfoView Menus showing location of break option in the right-click menu

3. In the "Break" menu, select "Add Break" to break.

Shown here: A break applied to column "D Dept Code"

Screenshot of InfoView showing results of applying a break

4. To remove an existing break, select "Remove Break" or "Remove all Breaks" in the breaks menu.

5. For more control over the display options and ranking, click "Manage Breaks..." to go to the Manage Breaks pop-up window.

Screenshot of InfoView showing Manage Breaks pop-up panel

6. When you are finished with your activities in the Managed Breaks pop-up window, click "OK". Your report will change accordingly.

Advanced: Working with the Manage Breaks Pop-up

The Manage Breaks pop-up window gives the following options:

  • In tables with multiple breaks, you can rank the order/priority of breaks via the arrow buttons
  • Add/remove any breaks
  • For each break in the list:
    • Change how headers, footers and sorts are handled inside each break
    • Change how the duplicate values are handled (Shown in the example above: "Display first")
    • Change how the break influences your pagination