Add Blanks and Function Rows


Blank Columns and Rows can be added anywhere in a table.

Adding a function row will add a row at the bottom of a break, section or table that automatically contains aggregated information.

The quick access aggregate functions are: Min, Max, Sum, Count, Average and Percentage.

When added after applying a break, adding a function row automatically includes two levels of aggregation, one for the grouped data and one for the entire table. Sections only add one for the grouped data.

A single report can have multiple function rows, blank columns and blank rows in any combination.


Step-by-Step Guide

Prerequisite: Have your report open and make sure it is in Design Mode. If necessary, refresh your report.

Adding a Blank Row or Column

1. Click on an adjacent row or column to where you would like to place the empty row or column.

2. Navigate to the menu "Report Elements", then the submenu "Table Layout". Click "Insert" and choose your desired location: Above, Below, Left or Right.

Note: The "Table Layout" submenu will not appear unless you have selected the inside of a table.

Screenshot of InfoView showing menu locations

Alternatively: Right-click (command + click on a macs) on the content and select "Insert", then pick the desired location of the row/column

Screenshot of InfoView showing location of insert in right-click menu

Adding a Function Row

1. Click on the content that you would like to sum, count, min, max, average or percentage (not the header).

Note: Many of the functions only work with data that is a number.

InfoView screenshot showing content to sum

2. Navigate to the menu "Analysis", then the submenu "Functions" and select your function.

Screenshot of InfoView showing where to find function row buttons

Alternatively: Right-click (command + click on a mac) on the content and select "Insert", then pick the type of row you would like

Screnshot of InfoVIew showing where to find the insert command in the right-click menu

3. Note the new row. The word in the row, "Sum" shown here, can be changed to a different word (e.g. "Total") by double clicking inside the cell, typing in the different content and pressing "Enter".

To apply multiple function rows to a single break, section or table, complete steps 1 & 2 until all of the desired aggregations are present.

Screenshot of InfoView showing new sum row