Logging In

Pre-Launch: Desktop Recommendation

Although other desktop configurations may work, the only desktop configuration that Data Management recommends and supports is:

  • Hardware: Campus-owned desktop, maintained by TEM/IBM Endpoint Manager Support Center (a.k.a. Big Fix)
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • For downloading content: Excel 2010 or higher, Adobe Acrobat
  • Browser Plug-in: Java runtime 8 (32-bit)*
*Note: Google Chrome users cannot use InfoView in Java mode. From Chrome version 45 onwards, NPAPI is no longer supported, and the Web Intelligence Java Applet cannot be launched.

Should you choose a different configuration, which is your right, please be aware that Data Management does not guarantee that all features will work. Data Management does not provide support to resolve feature loss due to non-recommended desktop configurations. 

InfoView uses the same Java configuration as FIS Banner and FMW. You can find information about installing and configuring Java on the FIS Banner page.

Launch & Log In

Launch InfoView in a New Window

Note: You may be prompted to accept a security certificate, or you may be warned that you are entering a secure or insecure area as you use the tool.

Need Help?

Feel free to call the Data Management Hotline at 9-5083 or email us at data-services@ucsc.edu.