Change Source

"Change Source" allows one or more of the queries of a report to have the source of the data changed. This can include a change from one universe to another, between Excel files, or between a universe and an Excel file. This is particularly helpful when transferring reports from two very similar data sets, for example a test universe to a production universe.

To change the data source of a report, complete the following:

1. Navigate to the menu Data Access, then the submenu Tools

Screenshot of InfoView showing the location of menus

2. Select "Change Source"

Screenshot of InfoView showing location of button and menu options

3. Pick the query that you'd like to change.

4. In the "Change Source Wizard" pop-up, select either an existing data source or specify a new data source.

If you specify a new data source, you will need to pick from the list of available universes.

Screenshot of Change Source Wizard

5. Once you are happy with your selections, click OK

6. InfoView will have a "best guess" for which objects from the original data source match which fields in your new data source, but you may have to change these or fill in any blanks.